How to Prepare for an Office Move

office move

Moving day is coming and it’s time to decide on office move best practices. Get quotes from several moving companies. Visit the offices and check out the pricing. Compare moving rates from at least 3 moving companies, and determine what moving package best suits your needs. Also check out rates for basic office moving services, such as packing and loading.

If you have already decided on the moving company of your choice, ask them to give you a written office move best practices quote. Make sure to gather all relevant team analysis information from the company, as well as any relevant feedback from previous customers. Prepare a detailed inventory of office space for comparison between all potential moving packages. Do your office space planning, including determining floor plans, space planning, furniture arrangement and floor maps.


A good office move starts with a full inventory of all office supplies, office furniture, and other office necessities. You should also have a list of the most frequently used areas in the office, such as reception, administrative, prep rooms, etc. Next, do your office move inventory, listing all office supplies needed, measurements, materials used, and more. Do not leave any items behind, so that you will be able to estimate the total cost of the moving process easier.

After doing your inventory, gather all required information regarding the project, and review it. As a pre-requisite, make sure to get signed contracts from all parties involved so that nothing is left unsettled. A good office relocation plan should include all necessary steps to be taken before the start of the project, such as when, where, how and by whom to collect supplies, pack them and load them to the truck. Include also the payment schedule, time frame, ways of contacting your relocating company, and the mode of transportation that will be used. You should also make sure that your project plan includes at least one contingency plan for unforeseen circumstances, like delays or accidents during the move. A good relocation plan will also help you avoid unwanted expenses, like damaged furniture, damaged office equipment, and more.

office move

One of the most important aspects of office relocation is to make sure that you have done your homework well. You should have an understanding of all the moving-related issues and concerns, including how long the move will take, what all materials you will need, how you will schedule the move and the actual costs. Make sure to contact a reliable company before you make any decisions regarding your office move. A good company will be able to give you a comprehensive assessment and plan for your entire office move.

Your New Office

Another major aspect of the move is the cleaning and restorations of your office space. For this reason, you should choose movers that specialize in office move services. Movers should be able to offer you a complete range of services to address all your moving concerns, including packing, loading, transporting, unpacking, re-arranging, cleaning and restorations. You must take care of the cleaning and restoration of your office during the relocation process. Your moving movers will ensure that all your furniture and equipment are in top shape before you start work.

The last, but certainly not the least, are the absolute necessities. These include food, gas, car rental, insurance, communication devices (cell phones, modems, faxes, etc), and more. If you have any of these absolute necessities as part of your office moving package, you will save a lot of time and money. Don’t skimp on anything when you’re relocating. In addition, it is crucial to follow all of your relocation needs, including insurance, so that you are covered if anything happens to your belongings while they are in transit.

As you can see from this quick guide to an office move, there are many different things to consider when you’re planning a move. Take your time, be organized, and don’t forget anything important. This way, you can move forward with confidence, knowing that you’ve taken the time to find a professional, trusted moving company that will get the job done right the first time. Keep all your packing and re-assigning tasks on your to-do list, and let your trusted moving company do the rest.

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